About us

Meet the team behind Pinch Flat. It's no secret that coffee and cycling go hand in hand. For us no bike ride would be complete without a good coffee stop.


Horatio Holloway | Co-founder

A keen cyclist and coffee drinker. Horatio loves to combine these passions with early morning 'adventure breakfasts'. These involve riding up a local hill brewing a campfire coffee and munching through a bowl of overnight oats. His favourite brew method has got to be a moka pot although he is very particular about his recipe. His favourite origin is something Rwandan and chocolatey and his go to café order is a double espresso.  Always.                  


Dan King | Co-founder

If Dan was as passionate about his latte art as he is about riding up long alpine climbs then there's no doubt he'd be a world championship barista by now. His favourite brew method is V60 and his origin of choice is Ethiopia. He loves coffee so much that he has been known to go big in the café. In France last year he tucked into an espresso aperitif followed by a flat white chaser. No-one believes him when he asks for it but that's just the way he rolls.